Are any of you wondering how to get more Instagram followers in 2018?

Are any of you wondering how to get more Instagram followers in 2018?

So far this year, how many times have you asked yourself, what hashtags should I use to obtain more Instagram followers? Or what are the right set of hashtags for my business? Certainly, figuring out the mystery behind hashtags is not an easy task. But if you use them the right way, you’ll see a boost on your account’s followers and maybe even become featured on Ig explore!

At E-Fructus, we keep up with the latest trends to provide all our costumers the best service available. If one thing is true, is that Instagram changed the rules on 2018 and obtaining more flowers and impressions has become even trickier. But don't panic! The E-Fructus team has come to the rescue. Today, we will share with you 5 tips to find the right hashtags for your business account.

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1.-Think of hashtags as describers for your products or services. Your hashtags should describe the product or service that you are trying to promote. Use hashtags as categories and relate them to your specific industry.

If you want to sell bathing suits for summer, then use hashtags like #swimwear or #summer to draw more attention to your posts.

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2.-Hashtags should also describe you. Choose hashtags that describe your business, who you are as a company, the purpose of your Instagram account, your business location, and your target market. Instagram followers

By using this strategy, not only you let your followers know what your brand is all about, but you also attract new followers who are interested in your brand.

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3.-Use hashtags of your business location to attract the eyeballs of local business and communities. Plus, hashtags that describe your target market are ideal to obtain more followers and potential customers.

If you own a dog shelter, use hashtags that describe your target market like #puppylovers or #dogmom to increase your adoption rate and unite more especial pups with loving families.

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4.-Avoid Copy + Paste! Using the same hashtags over and over again for all your posts is not going to do you any better. Instead, try to relate each post to specific hashtags. Quality matters! Therefore, take some time to think of what hashtags could bring more impressions and try to relate them to each post. Instagram followers

5.-Create your own strategy! Now that you know what steps to take in your search for the perfect hashtags, try to come up with a strategy that works for your specific business. We usually recommend using 3-4 popular hashtags that will get your posts before thousands of people, followed by more specific, business-focused hashtags that are not as popular but certainly are more targeted towards your market of interest.

Therefore, if you want to promote exercise equipment you might want to use very popular and trendy hashtags like:

#wednesdayhumpday, #workhardplayhard, #workout, and #legday, followed by more focused and descriptive hashtags like #dumbbells (product), #weightloss (purpose of the product), #plantationfl (business location), and #fitnessjunkie (your target market).

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