6 Instagram Story trends you can use to grow your business 2018

Instagram Story trends you can use to grow your business 2018


We are past the year’s half-way mark, and Instagram has come up with several different new features that will change the game plan for businesses.

Last year, was all about appealing and artsy feeds. Today, it’s all about the Stories. Businesses are taking more and more advantage of IG Stories to tell their own story and build more engagement with their customers. Instagram Story trends

Do you want to know how to use all the new IG Stories’ features to grow your engagement and followers? If you want your business to stay ahead of the game, you’ll have to keep reading below....Instagram Story trends

1.-After much waiting, you can finally share your own posts (and even posts from your feed) to your IG Stories with the new re-share feature. No more taking screenshots and posting them to your Story.

With the re-share feature, you can increase your engagement and draw more attention to your campaigns and promotions. Now, keep in mind that the posts shared on your Stories will show the original poster’s username. That way, if you are planning on sharing someone else’s content, you can give credit to that account while letting users tap to check the original post. Who knows… you might even get a shout-out from them!

Wondering how to use this cool feature for your business? Let’s say you posted about a “flash sale” or a “giveaway” and you want to draw more eyes to it. With this new feature, you can re-share the post on your Story and use some GIFs to capture people’s attention.

As you can see, Harana Beach Wear does an amazing job pushing their giveaway contest on their Stories.

Wondering how to use GIFs on your Story? You’ll find out very soon…

2.-GIFs have been the hottest trend in 2018. From flashing to moving animated images, GIFs give a touch of personality to your IG Stories. It’s not a secret that using humor is one of the best ways to grab people’s attention.

Using GIFs allow you to create fun and engaging content, leaving your followers wanting more!

Adding GIFs to your Stories along with a little bit of creativity, will help portrait your brand’s personality to your followers and will boost your engagement and traffic.

Coco and Eve does an incredible job portraying their brand’s personality on their Stories by making them fun and dynamic. Instagram Story trends

Want to know how to add even more personality to your Stories? Music is the answer!

3.-With the Music sticker, you can now add some background music to your IG Stories making them more appealing to your followers. Instagram Story trends

Have you ever recorded an amazing video that would go just right with that song you’ve been listening to the entire week? Adding music to your Stories will help you show your brand’s personality and will foster better engagement with your followers.

Music allows you to better express feelings and emotions. And as a marketer, you should know that it is essential to appeal to customers’ emotions to create more engagement and stronger bonds to the brand. Here is a step by step tutorial on How to Add Music in Instagram Stories.

Want to go even further by adding some retro looks to your videos?

4.-2018 has been all about retro looks and IG isn’t falling behind on that trend. Instagram Story trends

Several different apps will help you get that retro feel in your Stories and give your brand an even cooler look.

One of the apps that a lot of the cool kids are using is HIJU Cam, which makes pictures look like they were taken with a 1998’s disposable camera.

You can add random strikes of light to it as well as the typical time stamp on the corner of the picture (just like in the 1990s).

Other popular apps for IG Stories are Unfold and Over, which allow you to show several photos/videos in one Story and adding trendy designs to it. If you want more info on how to use Unfold and Over, check out this video tutorial from Sam Landreth: Three apps for beautiful Instagram Stories (iPhones).

Do you want to interact even more with your followers? How about some polls?

5.-Instagram now has polls and questions stickers that you can use to increase interaction with your followers and build up your engagement.

By creating polls, you can ask your followers opinions about different topics and let them vote for their favorite answer.

Similarly, with the question sticker you can ask any sort of questions to your followers or let your followers ask any questions they have. This is perfect for Q&A Stories, where you answer all questions your followers may have about your product/service or even brand.

Polls and Question stickers give your followers a voice to interact with you and your brand, so you might want to pay close attention to what they have to say! Zaful (picture on the left) shares awesome content on their IG Stories and it’s always trying to engage with their followers.

One more.....

6.-Last but not least, the Emoji Slider Poll is another way to interact with your fans.

With the emoji slider, you followers can answer question by sliding the emoji along the scale.

In addition, you can always change the icon of the emoji slider and chose whichever one you think is most appropriate for the occasion. From “meh” to “hot!” From “not a fan” to “I absolutely love it!”

Let your followers express their opinions about your content and interact with your brand.

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