Paid Search and Display Advertisement 


Search Network Advertisement

Search advertisement utilizes search engines like Google to advertise your products or services and generate traffic to your website by showing your ads on the search results page. Our team will formulate a unique strategy to get your ads to show on the first search results page, which will increase your brand awareness and web-traffic.

Being in the first position in Google can result in a click-through rate of 34.36 percent for desktop computers and a click-through rate of 31.35 percent for mobile devices.

95.3% of clicks go to the top 4 results.

Businesses make on average $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on AdWords.

Display Network Advertisement

Similarly, Display Advertisement uses photos, audios, and videos to promote your products or services across many different third-party websites and official Google sites like YouTube and Blogger. According to Google, the display network reaches over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites. Moreover, you can choose to target different sites according to your target market and its demographics.

Why is Paid Advertisement so important?

With Paid Advertisement you can reach your target market at the right time and convert potential clients into loyal customers.

Putting your message front and center enables you to increase your websites traffic and brand awareness among potential/future customers.

Paid Ad also increases the probability of conversion, which means that if you display your ad to a group of people who are actively seeking for your products or services, you have greater chances of converting those potential clients into loyal customers.

Is this the best option for you?

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